Google Search Testing Again Customized Headers Based On Query

Only nine months ago, Google tested a feature to show a graphic behind the Google search box header, that was customized based on your query. So if you searched for [flowers], Google would show an image of flowers as the header for Google Search. Google ran into issues where it was showing some nudity or not PG-13 related images for some queries and halted the experiment. Well, now Google is testing it again – 9 months later.

I tried to replicate this on numerous browser, but I am unable to. But Saad AK was in the Google testing group, at least through last night, and he shared these screenshots with me on Twitter:

Here are some more images of this happening:

I asked him to see if he can replicate the not so PG-13 images but when he went back to test it, he was no longer being shown customized graphic headers.

Are you able to replicate it?

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