Google Search Showing More Featured Snippets On Desktop

Google Search is now rolling out more featured snippets, this is not the new perspectives that it said would be coming at its Google I/O event, despite what I wrote in the original story. It is basically where Google shows more than one featured snippet, often two or three.

We saw this on mobile but now it is rolling out on desktop.

This is not the two featured snippets we saw or the multifaceted featured snippets but rather, this is an enhancement to featured snippets.

Rajan Patel from Google corrected me on Twitter saying “Perspectives will have its own filter and is rolling out now on mobile in the US. These screenshots are previously launched improvements to featured snippets.”

As you can see, he said the perspectives are rolling out on mobile but I don’t see those style perspectives yet on mobile.

Here is an example I was able to trigger myself for a query on [core web vitals details] on desktop:

click for full size

When I try that on mobile, I get the perspectives UI we originally saw a while back:

Google Perspectives Live

Here are screenshots with other examples:

Forum discussion at Twitter.