Google Search Knowledge Graph For 25th Amendment and Constitution of United States of America

Google has a neat interactive knowledge graph box or panel for searches done on various amendments within the Constitution of United States of America. A lot of people now are searching for the 25th Amendment, which is about the removal of the sitting President of the United States and this is what Google shows.

click for full size

Google shows you the various section of the 25th Amendment and it lets you click on each section to expand. As you can see, it also let’s you access the other amendments of the Constitution including the preamble and articles. If you search for [25th amendment] you can trigger this or any of the amendments or even [Constitution of United States of America].

I am not sure how “new” this is but I did some searching around and did not find any coverage of this feature.

This is sourced from the, so clearly there is some sort of partnership there.

I spotted this because Shalom Goodman posted about it on Twitter.

Forum discussion at Twitter.