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Google Search Indexing Storage Tiers, Language Diversity & Paying Bloggers

This week was a bit slower than a normal week but don’t you worry, it won’t last. Gary Illyes from Google spoke about how Google uses more expensive and faster storage for more important content. Google updated its crawl stats report to handle additional types of crawls. He also spoke about Google’s efforts to be diverse with what languages of content it stores in its index. Google said that paying bloggers to write dofollow content for you is against its guidelines. Google is still testing injecting third party links into the body of the featured snippets. Google has expandable knowledge panels. Google search is also testing expandable accordion style search result carousels. Does Google rank health and medical sites too well for non-health or medical content. Google said it is best to put structured data on the page versus use Google Tag Manager. Google said there is no timeframe for when Google will soft 404 your out of stock products. Google is pushing to show more local news int he search results. Google local review summaries is testing grouping by summaries and displaying third-party reviews. Google is showing old Google Posts in a company’s local knowledge panel. Google Ads is rolling out the insights tab to more advertisers. Oh and if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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