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Google Search Found 25 Billion Spammy Pages Each Day In 2020

Google released a video talking about search spam and what Google does to protect searches from “spam sites, phishing scams, and other bad actors” trying to get into Google search. One metric that stood out was that Google detected “25 billion spammy pages every day” in 2020.

Here is the super short video:

Here is the transcript:

Unfortunately, the internet is also home to a surprising amount of spam and other not so wonderful things that we work hard to protect you from. Just like spam you may find in your email, there are spam sites, phishing scams, and other bad actors on the web that try to slip into search results, posing as highly relevant pages, but in fact are very low quality or may even try to trick you into providing personal information or installing malware.

Google designed Search to automatically detect such threats and keep them out of our top results. And this is no small issue. Last year alone, our systems found 25 billion spammy pages every day.

Each day 25 billion spammy pages detected!

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