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Google Search Console Team Structure & Development

Daniel Waisberg & Hillel Maoz

In the last Google Search Console training video series of the year, Daniel Waisberg of Google brought in a special guest, the Engineering lead for Search Console – Hillel Maoz. In this video they discuss a bit of what happens behind the scenes.

Here is the video:

The two of them explain how the team is structured and how the team structures its development. Here is a bit of an outline of what they spoke about:

  • Search Analytics
    • Click and Impressions Data
    • Stores Data for 16 Months
    • Mostly visible in Performance report
  • Reporting
    • How Google Sees Your Pages
    • Crawl Errors
    • Structured Data Issues
    • Debug, fix and inform Google of fixes
    • Debugging Tools like URL Inspection Tool
  • Configuration
    • Site management
    • User Configuration
    • Site Verification
    • Data Security
    • Email Notification & Communication

On the Search Console Development time:

  • Define what can help a page succeed in search
  • Classify all the pages in the Google index and annotate any issues
  • Help site owners to fix their web sites

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