Google Search Console Stops Showing Scroll To Text Data

Google has stopped displaying the scroll-to-text data in the reporting within Google Search Console’s performance report. It started showing this August 2020 but now Google is no longer showing this information in Search Console.

Glenn Gabe posted on Twitter that if you try to filter by the text to scroll parameters, the pages no longer show in Search Console’s performance report, like it use to:

It has seemed to start going away in early March as Glenn pointed out this morning:

I have confirmed this on my end and it no longer lets me filter the results to see this. As Glenn also said, the jump links are still visible in Search Console but not the scroll-to-text feature.

I hate when Google removes data but honestly, this one caused so much confusion that I am not too unhappy. Okay, I am still unhappy.

I suspect we won’t be seeing this return any time soon.

But I am curious, do you see the scroll to text showing up? Maybe it is just Glenn and I who are not seeing it? I didn’t check all my sites I have verified in Search Console, I just checked this one and it should have enough traffic to show up some fragments in the performance report. Let me know if you see it?

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