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Google Search Console Crawl Stats Report Is Now Super Useful

Google has announced the launch of the new crawl stats report and to be honest, it is a huge upgrade from the previous report. This report now gives you data you can use to debug crawl issues and check the health of your site with crawl related issues in Google Search.

The old version just showed you a chart of pages crawled per day, kilobytes downloaded per day, time spent downloading pages by day. Here is a screen shot of the old report:

click for full size

The new reports really let you dive in and give you the total number of requests grouped by response code, crawled file type, crawl purpose, and Googlebot type. It gives you detailed information on host status, URL examples to show where in your site requests occurred and comprehensive summary for properties with multiple hosts and support for domain properties.

Here are some screen shots:

click for full size

Grouped reporting:

click for full size

Multiple host support:

click for full size

And the details on why Google had issues accessing your site:

click for full size

Pedro Dias had access to the beta of this for a while and he shared some nice points:

He added that the “One thing I really like here, is the rendering requests, that are visible under “Page Resource Load”. So you not only see the raw crawl requests, but also the rendering ones.”

As Glenn notes, the by purpose is pretty cool as well!

You should be able to access this new report over here and the old report over here.

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