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Google Says The Page Experience Update Won’t Be A Massive Change

Google’s Danny Sullivan said to start, when the Page Experience Update rolls out, it won’t be a massive change. It might grow in terms of importance over the years. But to start, Danny said “it shouldn’t be the case that overnight, we flip some type of switch and there’s a massive change.”

He posted this on Twitter based on what he said at the Google Search Central Live event the other night.

As a reminder, this update is launching in May 2021 and SEOs are talking about this a lot but most SEOs don’t think it will be a huge change.

Danny said Google does “not typically” do rollouts of this nature (such as speed, mobile-friendly) that roll out in a massive way. “And also that things tend to be relative,” Danny said.

To start, Danny said it wont be massive but Danny added “it could become a more important factor over time than with an initial launch as a great page experience becomes more common to pages.” “But also, and as we’ve kept saying, it’s one of many factors,” he added and those factors include relevancy factors. And Google said when this launched that relevancy will still be rank supreme over this other factors.

Here are the tweets:

Yea, so no “geddon” which is what Danny Sullivan and Search Engine Land went with to name the mobile-friendly update ages ago.

Danny liked the tweet, by the way.

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