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Google Says Paying For Content Review Or Time With Links Is Paid Links

What if you do not charge for do-follow links but you do charge for the time for link outreach or the time to review and publish that piece of content, that happens to have a do-follow link.

Is that type of link an unnatural link and against Google’s webmaster guidelines? Google’s John Mueller says yes it is.

John was asked “so doing manual outreach for the purpose of driving awareness is fine? But what happens if webmaster asks some money for (1) his time or (2) for reviewing & approving your content on his site. Would that “link” would be considered as a good or bad (violation)?”

John responded yes, “that sounds like an unnatural link.”

Here are those tweets:

I’ll he honest, I do love the “gotcha” types of questions where they say if this is not okay, then this should be okay, right? Often it is not.

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