Google Says Nosnippet Tag Won’t Prevent Passage Indexing From Ranking

Google’s Danny Sullivan has said that using the nosnippet tag won’t prevent your pages or passages from your pages from being ranked in Google Search. Danny Sullivan said on Twitter “you can’t use it to block parts of a page from being indexed for ranking.”

It is not a bad question because you can use the nosnippet tag to prevent your pages from showing up as featured snippets. It is clearly documented over here that you can do that.

But as you know, passage indexing is not about the snippet, it is about ranking. If you don’t want Google to rank a page of yours, you can block Google from crawling and ranking the page. But passage indexing is not a featured snippet, it is just another search result in the Google search results. You cannot block that from showing up, without blocking Google from indexing the page.

The nosnippet tags are designed to control how Google shows your search results. We do not even know if the search results for passage indexing will look any different.

Here are Danny Sullivan’s tweets:

And John Mueller from Google chimed in a bit later saying the same thing:

So why won’t the nosnippet tag work? Danny Sullivan said because passage indexing won’t make the snippets longer (or maybe different)? So will search result snippets ranked higher because of passage indexing not look any different than normal snippets?

So this is yet another difference between featured snippets and passage indexing.

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