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Google Renames Surfaces Across Google & Shopping Actions

Google is renaming surfaces across Google and Shopping Actions. Surfaces across Google instead will go by the listings rather than the feature itself, i.e. free product listings and Shopping Actions will be called Buy on Google.

Google said this “will help to keep the names descriptive, relevant, and consistent as Merchant Center continues to grow and evolve.”

Surfaces Across Google

Soon instead of calling it “surfaces across Google”, Google will talk about the listings rather than the feature itself. Where you previously saw “surfaces across Google” in your account or in the Google help center, you will soon see “free product listings” or “free listings” in its place.

Shopping Actions

Shopping Actions will be called “Buy on Google” for both retailers and consumers. Starting soon, Google said “you’ll see the name “Buy on Google” in your account and in the Help Center.” Also, destination attributes that use the name “Shopping Actions” will now use the name “Buy on Google listings.” Google said “this attribute will be backwards compatible, but moving forward, “Buy on Google” should be used.”

Google explained that this is a name change only and your account, ads, and listings won’t be affected.

This is going live soon.

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