Google Releases Video SEO Tips In New Video & Updated Help Documents

Google has published some new and updated resources around video SEO. First, there is a new video, lighting talk, on the topic of video SEO best practices by Danielle Marshak, Product Manager at Google. Second, there is an updated help doc section on video SEO best practices.

For those doing video SEO, I don’t think you will find anything new here but it is always good to double check your knowledge. So I will sum it up for you below.

The video by Danielle Marshak explains these concepts:

How Google Indexes Videos:

  • Video HTML Tags
  • Structured Markup
  • Video Sitemaps


  • Text On The Page
  • Links To The Video
  • Structured Data Markup
  • Video Content Files

Videos Appears On:

  • Web Search: Google shows videos in web search video carousel box when the video is the main piece of content on the webpage. Google may also show videos from webpages that have mixed content and videos in the news box, top stories, and other elements.
  • Video Search Tab
  • Image Search Tab
  • Google Discover

Video Best Practices

  • Make your videos on the web publicly on a web page
  • Provide structured data with VideoObject markup
  • Include high quality thumbnail to Google
  • Submit a video sitemap
  • Make video content files accessible (do not block Google)

Here is the video:

The updated help docs go into these areas:

  • Help Google find your videos
  • Ensure your videos can be indexed
  • Allow Google to fetch your video content files
  • Enable specific video features
  • Remove, restrict, or update your videos as needed

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