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Google Question Hub Now Open & It Is A Great Way To Find Content Ideas

For years, Google has had a feature called Google Question Hub. It is basically a way for publishers to see what questions go unanswered in Google Search and then create content that matches those questions. It is a neat idea where Google allows searches to submit questions that go unanswered and publishers can then create content to match it. Now this feature seems to have been expanded to US based publishers.

This feature has been live since 2018 but limited to India (Hindi, English), Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia), and Nigeria (English). Google just added United States (English) recently, as you can see from the FAQs.

I signed up and I now have access to link my Google Question Hub account to my verified Google Search Console properties and start linking searcher submitted questions to content I have created that answers those questions.

Although I have already shared screen shots of Google’s question hub before, now I personally have access and I wanted to walk you through the process.

First, you can sign up at It asks you to sign into your Google account and then select your languages and location. All images I post below can be enlarged by clicking on them.

click for full size

You then check off the sites you want to be able to submit answers from, these are sites in your verified Google Search Console account. I cropped the image a lot:

click for full size

Then you go to the dashboard to add new questions:

click for full size

You can search or browse categories:

click for full size

I found Google Search as a category and added it:

click for full size

It put ten questions into my list:

click for full size

So I answered that first question because I had an article from a while back that answered it:

click for full size

You can also see some stats on your submissions including questions answered, articles, search impressions, clicks, activity by day, performance of the articles you submitted in Google search and the list of answers and questions.

click for full size

This is an excellent way to find new content ideas to write about.

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