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Google Pushing Search Console Owners To Verify Via Domain Property

Looks like the folks at Google are doing an email marketing push to Search Console properties that have not yet verified the property through the domain property method. A domain-level property includes all subdomains (m, www, and so on) and multiple protocols (http, https, ftp) for a single domain name.

Google is sending out different flavors of emails, some pitching you can see all your data in one place, another saying your missing 8% of your impressions. These feel very marketing focused, like the email Dom Hodgson received said “you’re missing 8% of your impressions” and he should verify via domain property so he doesn’t miss out on that data. The one I spotted said are you “Tired of switching between various subdomains and protocols to manage all your property data in Search Console? Use a Domain property to see all subdomain and protocol variations of your site in a single property!”

Here are some screen shots:

click for full size

click for full size

I do agree, domain property verification is way easier and you don’t feel like you are missing out. But verify them all, just in case you need to dive in deeper. So if you want to see http vs https, you can. But that does not mean you can’t also do domain property, you can.

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