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Google Preparing New Search Console Features

Google is likely going to keep releasing new features and functionality for Google Search Console over the years. John Mueller of Google kind of confirmed that when he said on Twitter that the Search Console team is preparing for “future functionality that’s not yet released.”

What is that functionality? It isn’t clear. John’s response was in regards to an email that went out to some site owners via Search Console. The email asked them to link Search Console and Google Analytics. The subject of the email, which I received said “Updates to the Search Console and Google Analytics linked properties terms of service.” When I clicked on it, I was taken to the new property associations feature.

Here is that email from Kevin Indig:

So I thought it was just a notice about that. But John said initially it was about the Search Console Insights feature. John said “it’s for Search Console Insights.” I told John it linked to property associations feature and he replied “Maybe I’m the one that’s confused then. Hmm.”

Later John added “Yeah, this was a bit of a confusing email, sorry. Essentially the team needs this to prepare for future functionality that’s not yet released, so at the moment you have to hang tight a bit and wait.”

Daniel Waisberg from Google did explain one thing is new that is live already is updated help documents:

So for now, we know more functionality is coming. Is it related to Search Console Insights? Is it a new feature in Search Console maybe around core web vitals, mobile-first indexing or something else? Or maybe it is new APIs or more data? I don’t know. But something is brewing.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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