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Google March 2021 Search Ranking Algorithm Update (Unconfirmed)

I have yet another unconfirmed Google search ranking update to report on. This was started around March 2nd towards the evening and continues through March 3rd. There was a nice amount of chatter over a 24-hour period and then it seems to have died down a bit. Many of the tools also picked up on this update.

The last unconfirmed update we reported on was around February 26th and 27th and then before that was February 20th and 21st or so. It seems to be more frequent if you look in the archives.

Here is some of the recent chatter from WebmasterWorld:

The second half of the day today is a complete disaster, USA traffic fell off a cliff!

My traffic suddenly has x3, anybody else experiencing massive changes?

Plenty of massive changes, alright. None of them positive.

I had this 3 days before…after that, traffic dropped like stone…and today the traffic is a joke…

Yay! Sensors are starting to spike again , I can’t wait.

Getting nailed on Discover now, too 🙂

Not seen it this low in a loooooooooong time.

Yup. Discover is looking horrible after a few good days.

Here are screenshots of the tools picking up on this update.


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So if you saw some ranking fluctuations around March 2nd and March 3rd, you are not alone.

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