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Google Manual Actions For News or Discover Do Not Impact Search

Yesterday we reported that Google launched a whole set of new manual actions for Google News and Google Discover. The good news is that Google said a manual action for Google News or Google Discover will not impact how you do in Google Search. It will just impact your performance

Danny Sullivan of Google said on Twitter “if you get one for Discover, that’s only for Discover. Doesn’t impact Search.”

So it sounds like manual actions issued for Google News won’t impact your performance in Google Search. And it sounds like manual actions issued for Google Discover won’t impact your performance in Google Search.

The reason the question came up is because there are specific policy violations that may violate Google Discover or Google News but do not violate Google’s Search policies. Such as adult-themed content, medical content and others.

Let me share some of the back and forth on Twitter on this:

I hear the concern…

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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