Google Local Updates Indicator & Photo Updates From Visitors

Google Local seems to be testing two new features for the “updates” tab for local businesses. The first is a red dot indicator to symbolize there is a new update posted for the local company. The second is the ability for visitors to post photo updates in the updates section.

Local Updates Indicator:

The first was spotted by Joy Hawkins and posted on Twitter of Google putting a red dot badge indicator, like you see with mobile apps, showing you there are new updates available, that you have yet to read, about this local business.

Here is a screen shot from Joy (nice arrow 🙂 ):

Add Photo Updates By Visitors

The second was spotted by Tricia Clements and also posted on Twitter of not just viewing photo updates “by visitors” but maybe even also being able to post photo updates by visitors. I cannot replicate this but she said “How long have visitors been able to add an update that comes in under posts and not images? I saw it & added this to a profile. It’s showing up in photos, but also under updates (posts) with a description I included.”

Here is the screen shot:

Forum discussion at Twitter