Google Find Results On Other Search Providers Carousel Is Algorithmic

Back in February 2020, Google due to EU pressure began showing a new carousel box in the EU based search results to show search results from other search providers. The box is named “find results on” and can link you to Yelp, Groupon, Craigslist, and many other search providers. John Mueller of Google said this is algorithmic and not hand curated, as far as he knows.

Here is a GIF of of this in action:

You can trigger it if you set your Google Search settings to the UK, for example, and search for queries like mentioned above.

The question some have is how does Google decide which other search providers to show in this “find on other” carousel box. John Mueller of Google said on Twitter “Yeah, my understanding is that these are algorithmic – at least I’m not aware of anyone manually curating these on a per-topic / per-location basis.”

Here is the original tweet:

Here is John’s response:

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