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Google Dark Mode Makes Ads Listings Look More Like Organic Listings

As we reported this morning, more searchers are seeing dark mode in Google Search with a toggle to turn off dark themes in Google Search. And while more are seeing dark mode in Google Search, what is hard to see are the search ads or at least see what are organic listings versus paid listings. It is just harder to distinguish the search ads in dark mode than it is in light mode. If Google made the ad label in white text in dark mode, that would work better than the gray colored font.

A Twitter follower colorfully named @AMP_blows shared shared screen shots of how the Google Ads look on dark mode versus light mode in Google Search. Here is a side by side comparison (click on it to enlarge):

click for full size

Here is a screen shot of it on desktop search:

I think Google needs to make the ad label on dark mode in white text to make it really stand out as much as it does in light mode.

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