Google COVID Vaccinations Data Source Asks Google For A Link

So if you search for COVID vaccination information in Google Search, Google gives you these lovely charts of how many people have been vaccinated by country, state, etc. But the organization that is providing this data is named Our World in Data and the founder, Max Roser, asked Google that if they want to use its data, can they at least link to the organization’s website and not github?

Max Roser, the founder of this organization said on Twitter Google, it is “great that you show our Our World In Data data directly in your search results! But would it be possible that you link to our site, rather than our GitHub repo? It’d be better for us – but also better for your users since they’d find much more relevant information there.”

This request was made made a few days ago and at the time I wrote this article, Google is not linking to Our World in Data but still the link goes to Github.

You can get the data also on its site and Google can link to that:

Danny Sullivan of Google said he would pass the request along but nothing has been changed yet. I do not think this request is too much to ask?

I hope Google does make this link change.

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