Google Confirms Your Site Can Be Indexed But Not In All Data Centers

Google’s John Mueller confirmed something most of us know, that your site and/or pages can be indexed by Google Search but that not all data centers may have that URL in that specific index at the same time. John said it is rare to see but it can happen.

He posted this on Twitter saying “it’s indexed” when asked about a URL on Twitter. John said it is “just not in all datacenters (so your results can vary); that can happen.” John explained that while this is “not super-common” it is “not a sign of an issue.”

Here is that tweet:

Technically, one data center won’t be stricter than the next. So there is nothing specific you should do to make sure you are indexed on all Google data centers. It is mostly a timing issue and you should see your content indexed in all Google data centers if it is indexed in one. Or maybe you will see your content drop out of all the indexes, it depends on which way things are going.

Here is John when asked about how to change that:

The old days, Google would refresh its index like monthly and things were way more visible to SEOs that way. But that was like 20 years ago. 🙂

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