Google Confirms Podcast Carousels Going Away February 13

A few weeks ago, we reported that Google dropped the podcasts carousel from the search results. Well, now Google confirmed the podcast carousel is 100% going away within the Google Search results.

Google posted in the Google Podcast Manager the other day a message that reads, “Note: Google Search will stop showing podcast carousels by February 13. As a result, clicks and impressions in How people find your show will drop to zero after that date.”

This was spotted by Azeem on Twitter but I see it as well, here is his screenshot:

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It was good while it lasted…

As a reminder, the podcast rich results launched in 2017, I have some screenshots here but this image from 9to5Google shows the before and after in a clear and concise manner:

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Here is another version I screen captured from 2019,


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And now it is gone but it has the carousel:

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