Google Chrome To Support Scroll To Text Fragments With Images & Videos

So we’ve seen Google do the scroll to text fragment links for a while now, with featured snippets and some product listings in search. Soon it might also come to images and videos.

Google’s Chrome Developers Twitter account announced it on Twitter saying “the team that brought you text fragments ???? links [`#:~:text=cool` →] is working on extending the format to images ???? and videos ???? [`#:~:selector(type=CssSelector,value=img[src=””])` →].

Here is the tweet announcing it:

How does this impact your SEO or rankings? Well, it doesn’t. But it might mean that if Google shows a video or image snippet and that video or image is clicked on from Google Search, Google might anchor the Chrome user to the specific location on the page where that image or video is located.

Forum discussion at Twitter.