Google Ads Loosens Up Exact Match

Last week, PPCGreg posted on Twitter that Google Ads is “taking more liberties in the queries they’re allowing for Exact Match to show for. He said it “seems like they loosened things up a good bit.”

This comes from this help document that shows this graphic where Google shows examples of exact match, saying “Ads may show on searches that are the same meaning or same intent as the keyword. Of the three keyword matching options, exact match gives you the most control over who sees your ad. Exact match is designated with brackets, such as [red shoe]. Below is an example of how exact match will work:”

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Shep from the fun and insightful MarketingOClock pointed this out and said “so they basically tried to give these match types new definitions like without
us noticing because they’re nothing like what they were with close variants. So it says broad match terms are terms that relate to your keyword, phrase match are searches that include the meaning of your keyword and exact match ads may show on searches that are the same meaning as your keyword. Point is we don’t even know if it’s loosening up because we can’t see any search terms!”

Here is some of the reaction on Twitter to this:

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