Google Ads Launches New Smart Bidding Features

Google Ads announced several new smart bidding features the other day. These include top signals in the bid strategy report, seasonality adjustments at the manager account level, Maximize conversion value bidding with recommendations, and new Target Impression Share simulations.

Top signals for Target ROAS and Maximize conversion value

Top signals in the bid strategy report give you more transparency into the factors that drive your campaign performance and can help inform your broader marketing strategy. Currently, you can only view top signals for campaigns that use Target CPA and Maximize conversions. Going forward, these signals are now available for Search campaigns using Target ROAS and Maximize conversion value as well.

Top Signals: For select conversion-based strategies (Target CPA, Maximize conversions, Target ROAS, and Maximize conversion value) this feature highlights some of the dimensions where the bid strategy is automatically optimizing your bids for visitors who are more or less likely to convert. Top signals may include, but are not limited to, device type, location, day of week, time of day, keywords, or your remarketing and Customer Match lists.

Note: Top Signals may not always show for a specific campaign or portfolio bid strategy depending on conversion volume and the relative impact of the signals considered.

Apply seasonality adjustments at the manager account level

Smart Bidding uses machine learning to automatically set bids at auction time to improve the performance of your campaigns. Though these strategies already take seasonality into account, there may be key moments when you expect significant shifts in conversion rate–like during sales or product launches.

Google Ads has made seasonality adjustments to give you more control in these situations. To make these adjustments even easier to use, you can now set them at the manager account level instead of creating them for each individual account.

Implement Maximize conversion value bidding with recommendations

Google is making it “easier” to opt into Maximize conversion value bidding by surfacing new opportunities on the Recommendations page. These recommendations will show for eligible Search campaigns and can help you get more conversion value within your budget.

Here is what that looks like:

Predict performance with Target Impression Share simulators

Simulators can help you understand how target bid and budget changes may impact performance. This tool was previously available for conversion and click-based bid strategies, and we are now expanding support to Search campaigns using Target Impression Share. With this change, you can now understand how adjustments to your target impression share can impact metrics like cost, impression share, and clicks.

You can pick a Smart Bidding simulator based on the key metric you’re hoping to achieve, like conversions, conversion value, clicks, or impressions.

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