Google Ads Begins Identity Verification With Email Notifications

Since last March 2020, Google has been giving us a heads up about the Google Ads team doing some sort of verification for your Google Ads account. We learned a bit more in April but now I am seeing advertises getting emails from Google that says “start identity verification by February 6, 2021.”

Amalia Fowler posted a screen shot on Twitter of this notice that reads “you’ve been selected to complete identity verification for your Google Ads account. You must start verification by February 06, 2021. Your ads will continue to serve while we review your information. If you don’t complete verification, your account will be paused.”

Here is the email:

What you need to submit is your legal name and legal address. Then that information will be displayed in the ad. I suspect it will look like this:

Google says this is needed to “ensure a safe and trustworthy ad experience for users, we may require advertisers to complete a verification program. Advertisers must also comply with Google Ads policies.” You can learn more over here.

What is the issue? Well, some consultants that manage these ads for their clients do not feel comfortable showing their personal information on these ads:

I do suspect it will show the advertiser, not the consultant, but we will see?

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