GoDaddy Unleashes New AI Tools to Supercharge Small Businesses

Small business owners, brace yourselves for a game-changer. GoDaddy has just turbo-charged its Generative AI Prompt Library, providing a significant boost to small business support with an array of new features, languages, and an expanded catalog of resources.

Revolutionizing Small Business Support

GoDaddy’s Small Business GenAI Prompt Library, initially launched last year, has now been enriched with over 185 prompts and cutting-edge capabilities designed to fuel growth and success for small enterprises. The updated library aims to simplify the use of Generative AI (GenAI) for business owners, turning what often feels like a full-time job into a seamless process.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Eugene Ware, Director of Engineering and Machine Learning at GoDaddy, emphasized the value of the GenAI Prompt Library. “Our GenAI Prompt Library is a powerful tool for small business owners eager to leverage GenAI but unsure where to start,” Ware noted. This expanded library offers a practical, user-friendly solution for entrepreneurs to tackle common business challenges.

GoDaddy has expanded its Small Business GenAI Prompt Library

GoDaddy’s Small Business GenAI Prompt Library

What’s New in the GenAI Prompt Library?

  • Enhanced Prompts: Each prompt now initiates an interactive session with a GenAI chatbot, asking for specific details like business name, target audience, and location to deliver tailored outputs.
  • Clip-to-Copy Icon: A new feature that allows for quick and easy transfer of prompts from the library to a chatbot.
  • New Categories: GoDaddy has added 43 prompts across five new categories to address diverse business needs:
    • Ad Campaigns: Covering display, print, radio, search engine marketing, and social media.
    • Branding: Including audience research, brand kits, personality, tone, and voice.
    • Data Analysis: Focusing on customer feedback, reviews, sales, and support requests.
    • Loyalty: Enhancing recurring revenue, renewals, and customer retention.
    • PR and Outreach: Supporting campaigns, local SEO citations, media outreach, and news outlet sourcing.

Global Expansion

GoDaddy isn’t stopping at new features. They’ve also broadened their reach by expanding the GenAI Prompt Library to India and introducing a Spanish-language library for Mexico, Colombia, and Spain, as well as a Portuguese version for Brazil. This global expansion ensures more entrepreneurs can benefit from these advanced AI tools.

Stay Ahead with GoDaddy

GoDaddy is committed to keeping the GenAI Prompt Library current and impactful. By continuously evaluating prompts, monitoring industry trends, and incorporating real-time feedback from GenAI enthusiasts, GoDaddy ensures its content remains relevant and effective.

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