FACTlix Unleashes AI to Weed Out Fake Reviews

In a move set to redefine the digital shopping experience, FACTlix, a cutting-edge AI-powered technology, has been launched to tackle the rampant issue of fraudulent consumer reviews. With 98% of online shoppers relying on reviews for purchase decisions and a staggering 70% of businesses incorporating them into marketing, the proliferation of fake reviews has become a pressing problem, influencing around 12% of e-commerce revenues.

The Fake Review Conundrum: A Growing Menace

Consumer reviews, once a trusted guide for shoppers, have become a battleground for deceptive practices. Fake reviews, crafted to either boost one product or tarnish the reputation of a competitor, deceive consumers and provide an unfair edge to unscrupulous companies. This misinformation, now exacerbated by language-generating AI, poses a significant challenge for consumers seeking reliable information for their purchase decisions.

FACTlix Steps In: AI-Powered Precision

Enter FACTlix, a groundbreaking AI technology designed to combat fake reviews with unparalleled accuracy. “Fake reviews are a growing problem for e-commerce,” states Mustafa Behan, CEO of Amsety. “FACTlix enables companies to address the issue with much higher accuracy at a fraction of the current cost.” With its decisional AI, FACTlix identifies and comprehends patterns in online content, assessing the authenticity of reviews before they are even published. This proactive approach eliminates potential harm, providing a shield against deceptive practices.

Proven Accuracy: A Shield Against Deception

FACTlix doesn’t just make bold claims; it boasts proven accuracy in the relentless battle against fake reviews. In an extensive testing phase, FACTlix subjected over 20 million reviews to scrutiny, analyzing a staggering 400 million data points. This robust testing process has solidified FACTlix as a reliable and effective tool, a beacon of hope for responsible companies dedicated to upholding the authenticity of consumer feedback.

The technology’s track record in exposing fraudulent activities has provided a ray of light in the darkness of deceptive practices. By meticulously analyzing vast datasets, FACTlix not only identifies fake reviews but also establishes itself as a formidable ally for businesses striving to maintain the integrity of their online reputation.

Beyond Fake Reviews: Versatility Redefined

FACTlix’s capabilities extend far beyond the realm of fraudulent reviews. This versatile solution employs the same cutting-edge technology to assess the validity of various forms of consumer-generated content. From commentary postings to the intricate world of “deepfake” videos, FACTlix stands guard, ensuring that the information consumers encounter online is trustworthy and authentic.

By broadening its scope, FACTlix becomes a comprehensive safeguard for consumers navigating an increasingly complex digital landscape. As the threat of deceptive content evolves, FACTlix adapts, providing an all-encompassing shield against misinformation and ensuring a more secure online environment.

Accessible and Cost-Efficient: The Future of Consumer Protection

Amsety positions FACTlix as a beacon of consumer protection through accessibility and cost-efficiency. Offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), FACTlix presents itself as a simple yet powerful plug-in solution. This accessibility empowers search engines, marketplaces, and news websites to seamlessly integrate FACTlix into their platforms, thereby enhancing the credibility of published content.

In the pursuit of fostering a fair digital environment, FACTlix not only protects customers from fraudulent reviews but also facilitates fair competition among vendors and advertisers. What sets FACTlix apart is its ability to achieve these objectives while presenting a significant cost-saving alternative to existing technologies. Amsety’s innovative approach ensures that the fight against deception in consumer reviews becomes not only effective but also economically viable for businesses of all sizes.

As online trust becomes more paramount than ever, FACTlix emerges as a pivotal tool, not just in the battle against fake reviews, but in the broader mission of creating a digital landscape where authenticity prevails and consumers can confidently navigate the vast world of online information.

In an era where trust is paramount in online transactions, FACTlix emerges as a game-changer, providing consumers with a shield against deception and promoting a more transparent and trustworthy digital shopping landscape. Discover the power of FACTlix at

Amsety is a consumer solution driven technology company based in Berlin, Germany and Carlsbad, CA. With an initial focus on Liver Health, Amsety developed both physical products and digital solutions to help consumers. Amsety is pioneering AI developments in digital health – it presented one of the first AI solutions at the AASLD Liver Meeting in Boston. In 2018, Amsety and its founder received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce.