Do Health & Medical Sites Rank Too Well For Non-Medical Queries?

There are some interesting complaints that Google is ranking medical and health related sites well for non-medical queries. The theory here is that since the Medic Update Google has given some sites more authority to not just rank for the site’s expertise but other topics it may write about.

So you know, the doctor walks into the room and you ask the doctor for financial advice. Is that the type of thing Google is doing? I am not sure but let me share the complaint and John Mueller’s response.

So John asked for specific examples and the examples given are here:

So a site named Healthline seems to rank for a lot of those queries. And truth is, I am not sure those are really medical or health related queries but John responded that Healthline’s content is good, so why shouldn’t it rank.

The complaint is why not rank a site in those vertical for those queries, why rank a medical site for those queries:

John said, maybe some of those queries have some sort of health aspect to them?

What do you all think? Do you think Google should only rank sites within those verticals for those queries?

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