Bing Preview Release Notes: New experiences powered by Bing Image Creator

Last week was a big one! We announced lots of new experiences coming to Bing Chat—including personalized answers, DALL-E 3, and new AI-powered features in SwiftKey. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see some of these features appear as we test them before release. These Release Notes will continue to update you on which features are fully available to all users.   

Here’s a summary of what’s shipped since our September 15 update: 

  • Bing Image Creator in Bing Chat Enterprise: Powered by DALL∙E from our partners at OpenAI, Bing Image Creator allows you to use your own words to create stunning images. In March, we made Bing Image Creator a seamless part of Bing Chat. This week, we brought this tool to Bing Chat Enterprise—allowing employees to use it while ensuring your organization’s data remains protected. Want to try it? Ask Bing Chat Enterprise to “generate an image of an elderly man with a short beard sitting behind a laptop, holding a cup of coffee, and smiling at the camera.” 


  • Bing Image Creator in SwiftKey: The latest update to SwiftKey for iOS and Android now also includes Bing Image Creator. Right from your keyboard, you can convert your words into an image in seconds. In SwiftKey, tap on the Bing icon, tap Create, and then describe the image you want to create—like “a cartoon dog riding a bicycle.” 


  • Visual Search in Bing Chat Enterprise: We launched Visual Search in Bing Chat in July, and now it’s also available in Bing Chat Enterprise. Visual Search gives Bing Chat Enterprise the ability to understand the context of an image, interpret it, and answer questions about it. 

    For example, what if you’re travelling to Hong Kong and you’re not sure if the power adapter you brought for your laptop will work? Take a picture of it with your phone, open Bing Chat Enterprise in Edge mobile, upload the image and ask, “Will this plug shape work in Hong Kong?” 



  • Content Credentials: All AI-generated images created by Bing Image Creator now include an invisible, digital watermark that adheres to the C2PA specification. This watermark includes the time and date it was originally created and confirms the provenance of the image to be AI-generated.   

  • Precise mode improvements: We rolled out a big update that has substantially improved the quality of answers Bing Chat gives you while in Precise mode. Like answers to your questions fast and to the point? In Precise mode, ask Bing Chat “What is the value of Pi to the 100th decimal place?” 

Keep your feedback coming! 

– The Bing Team