Analyzing Core Web Vitals – Marcus Tober // Searchmetrics


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he chats with Marcus Tober, Founder and Chief Evangelist at Searchmetrics. Together they discuss Core Web Vitals and diving into the analysis that is being conducted.

Marcus starts the conversation by diving into what he is working on as Chief Evangelist. His priority is educating the market and fellow SEOs on SEO. The focus and impact of SEO grow more impactful as Google continues to make updates and evolves.  SEO used to be simple with a blueprint to follow, but it is now more complex with machine learning and data. SEO is all about having a good, fast, usable website that makes people happy.

As part of the communication and education to the community, Marcus has focused on analyzing Core Web Vitals. The Core Web Vitals are three metrics that concentrate on LCP, FID, and CLS. These metrics are based on Google and how a user would perceive a website. The analysis is all about the current state of good rankings in different industries. Marcus dives into the study’s reasoning and wants to determine what the status quo is before Google launches the algorithm update. He wants a baseline before the update to after to compare with the metrics what has changed.