Amazon’s .BOT Domain Ending Now Available for AI Enthusiasts

In a move set to shake up the digital realm, Amazon has officially launched its coveted .BOT domain, tailor-made for the Artificial Intelligence industry. As of today, Monday, October 30th, at 16:00 UTC, this domain extension is up for grabs, and EnCirca, a leading domain registrar, is you can go register one of these domains, at

Prior to this release, .BOT registrations were exclusively reserved for those deeply entwined in the world of AI bots. However, with the General Availability opening today, Amazon is pulling out all the stops, removing any restrictions on who can snag these unique domains.

EnCirca, the heavyweight in .BOT domain registrations, is part of Amazon’s global rollout of .BOT. Encirca is offering Pre-Registrations for .BOT domain names.

.BOT domain names are anticipated to fly off the digital shelves as soon as they become available. By Pre-Registering with EnCirca, you secure your .BOT domain the moment it enters General Availability, leaving others in the dust who might try to swipe your perfect .BOT domain name.

It’s important to understand that .BOT isn’t merely a run-of-the-mill alternative to traditional .COM domain names. It’s designed with a distinct purpose in mind – to serve as the ultimate hub for discovering all things artificial intelligence (AI), including those clever creations known as bots. This domain aims to connect bot creators with their user base while providing invaluable resources for their development.

With Amazon brand backing it up, .BOT is poised to disrupt the industry like never before. This is your golden opportunity to stake your claim in the digital landscape for years to come. Trademark owners, in particular, are advised to take defensive action and secure their .BOT domains to ward off potential cybersquatters.

Here are the prices for a .BOT domain:

Registration: $68.98 – this is for new registrations.
Renewal: $75 – this is the annual renewal fee. You must pay this every year.
Transfer: $75 – this is the transfer rate, if you have a .BOT domain at another registrar (after the 60 day lock period), you can transfer the domain to for $75.

Why Opt for a .BOT Domain?

A .BOT domain serves as your bot’s digital abode on the vast internet landscape. In an era where bots are revolutionizing the way we automate a wide spectrum of repetitive tasks, having a dedicated online presence is paramount. As our daily activities increasingly shift to the digital realm, the demand for bots is soaring. Whether it’s managing your home’s lighting, tracking fitness goals, or engaging with visitors on your e-commerce site, bots have got it covered. Your .bot domain is your platform to share vital information that empowers users to maximize the potential of your bot.

Frequently Asked Questions About .BOT Domains

How Can I Secure a .BOT Domain Name?

Securing a .BOT domain is a breeze. Simply type your desired .BOT domain name into the search bar above to check its availability. If your preferred .BOT domain name is up for grabs, add it to your shopping cart, and proceed to the checkout.

What Are the Registration Terms Available for .BOT Domains?

When it comes to .BOT domains, EnCirca offers registration terms ranging from 1 to 10 years, providing flexibility to suit your needs.

How Long Does it Take to Register a .BOT Domain?

Most .BOT domain names registered through EnCirca will be instantly accessible in your account, ensuring a smooth and rapid process.

How Can I Set Up Web Hosting for my .BOT Website?

EnCirca offers an array of beautifully designed templates that enable you to swiftly create your very own .BOT website, whether for personal use or business purposes. Once you’ve secured your domain name, the next step is web hosting. Explore EnCirca’s web hosting and email hosting options, and follow their simple steps to get started.

How Can I Utilize my .BOT Domain Name for Email?

EnCirca’s web hosting packages also include email services, allowing you to create as many mailboxes as you require. Visit EnCirca’s web hosting and email hosting options, and follow their guidance to initiate your email services.

How Can I Enhance the Security of my .BOT Domain Name?

Ensuring the security of your .BOT domain involves a variety of strategies. As a trusted domain name registrar, EnCirca offers multiple layers of cybersecurity measures for your domain names. These encompass SSL Certificate encryption, Secure DNS, Secure Web Hosting, multi-factor authentication, and domain name registrar locks. Explore our comprehensive selection of cybersecurity tools tailored to safeguard your domain name.

Should you Invest in .BOT domains?

I am not really in a position to recommend to you whether or not you should invest in .BOT domain names. But, if you look at the history of .AI domains, those have been very “hot” lately, with a lot of domain investors selling them for a lot more than what they paid for them. If you were to invest, then I would use something like SEMrush to do some keyword research and look at AI and “bot” keywords to see if there are any that you can identify that would be a good target for an investment. You can also look at the past sales history, such as looking at NameBio, and see if you can identify any good keywords for a .BOT domain.

This article was written by AI and edited by Bill Hartzer.