56% Of SEOs Say Less Than 40% Of Their SEO Recommendations Are Implemented

Kristina Azarenko posted an outstanding SEO poll on Twitter asking on average, how many of your SEO recommendations get implemented? The results show that 56% of SEOs who answered the poll said that fewer than 40% of their recommendations are actually implemented. And 82% said that fewer than 70% of their recommendations are implemented.

So if you are paying an SEO consultant $100,000 for a project and you implement 40% of their recommendations, it is like you are throwing away $60,000 of what you hired the SEO to do.

The poll has significant responses with almost 700 responses, here it is:

I am not going to lie, I am not surprised by the responses. In fact, I think this is common across multiple industries. Consultants get hired, they give their advice and recommendations and then wait. Often, a lot of what they recommended does not get implemented because of issues outside of their control. That is the sad part of being a consultant but also the good part, you don’t have to force anyone to implement your ideas and when they do not implement your ideas, you can point back to the fact that if they did, they may have shown success.

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