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In a fast-paced, dynamic field such as SEO, it is crucial to stay well-informed. Even seasoned SEO experts understand the need to keep on learning lest they become obsolete. Emerging trends. Algorithmic changes. Technological advancements. These are some of the few things every SEO professional should be watching out for. But if you haven’t been keeping an eye on these for whatever reason, don’t worry. We’ve got your covered.

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4 SEO Experts Share Key Actions To Increase Customer Satisfaction

That’s why, Sandford advises, you need to proactively communicate both the pros and cons.

Flag the problem in time. Pointing out a potential problem well in advance of it happening shows you’re on the ball. If you see a problem somewhere, it shows that you’re thinking about the long-term strategy and that you’re invested in your customer’s success.

Don’t try to hide things.

The fact that you’re up front is valuable, and most customers will appreciate it. You don’t have to approach a potential downturn as a disaster. Rather, think of it as an important insight that can help your client make decisions.

Action 2: Highlight SEO Opportunities With SEO Forecasting

Back up all communications with data.

Uncover Real-Time Market Shifts: Evaluate Shifting Trends

When you’re reporting what might be “bad news,” back it up with hard data to show the basis of your analysis. Whether it’s competitor analysis, key data or broader market data, this additional insight will provide significant added value to clients.

SEO forecasting can help you discover unique opportunities and assess evolving trends before your competitors do.

One way to discover real market changes and underlying opportunities is to measure the search landscape, including year-over-year trends, to estimate growth potential.

Prediction can be difficult when it comes to SEO, but it’s key to making sure you’re working toward a goal that can deliver a return on investment.

We look at the total market search volume our clients are targeting, how much share they currently get, and then consider what improvements are needed to increase X traffic and Y sales.

That really opens it up and makes [SEO] more tangible as an investment.

Complement this with a forecasting tool that considers all the key variables that impact your SEO goals, and you’ll create a strong business case that sets you apart.

Because, as James Euinton, account manager of The SEO Works, says, macroeconomic factors are “like the weather, we have little control over them but we will inevitably have to deal with them in business. This does not mean that we should not be unprepared.”

Search volumes are never a surprise and will often change based on many factors beyond our control.

Instead, we must demonstrate the factors that affect our work and provide our estimates of how they can directly affect the site.

Using data sets available in SEO, such as those available in Search Console’s performance section and Google Trends, can be a great way to understand emerging keywords to capitalize on. We can also use these data sets to calculate how search volume will be affected in the future and use this to predict the traffic impact and resulting factors.

That’s why it’s essential to consider seasonality and year-over-year search trends when doing SEO forecasts or reviews: you’ll see hidden opportunities that your competitors are likely to miss.

Image from SEOmonitor, October 2022

Align: Map SEO To General Business Objectives

Finally, Euinton explains it best:

Being responsive and having the ability to quickly identify and seize new opportunities can really help weather the storm of an uncertain business landscape.

To prove your SEO ROI and keep your cash flow in check, you need to show how your proposed campaign aligns with your overall business goals.

To have consistent cash flow, you need customers and to get customers, you probably need some form of marketing.

Marketing services costs are often the first thing to be cut in hard times. But splitting marketing budgets can be detrimental to cash flow down the road, which leaves less money for the core operating costs of the business.

The advantage of SEO and similar digital marketing channels is that you have a lot of data to show and demonstrate the effectiveness of your work.

It is important to keep this in mind by showing the value we are providing to the website to the customers, in a way that they can understand and transmit upwards.

Maintaining a good and consistent level of reporting and communication ensures that the client is able to fully understand not only the role SEO plays in relation to our KPIs, such as traffic and conversions, but where they fit into the overall business objectives. also.

It’s also about repeating the long-term gain of SEO. As a professional, you have the knowledge and responsibility to explain why continuing to invest in SEO makes sense.

Getting the long-term benefits that SEO can bring is integral. In the face of adversity, companies that are able to continue to improve their website and market effectively, when they are out on the other side, tend to reap the rewards. However, as we did during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing some payment flexibility is also something we want to do.

A forecasting exercise can be useful to achieve this as well.

Once you’ve explained how achieving your desired ranking goals will lead to additional sessions, conversions and revenue, the mid- to long-term benefits can be seen from a business perspective.

Bonus Tip: Always Show How You’re Moving The Needle

By comparing costs and results with equivalent Google Ads spend, you get an external benchmark that makes your argument more convincing.

Image from SEOmonitor, October 2022

This insight comes from The SEO Works, and gives you even more reason to be proactive in your client communications and demonstrate the real impact of your work:

Focusing on and prioritizing the tasks that move the needle is key in uncertain times.

With so many SEO improvements you can make to a website, it’s hard to isolate the tasks that will really impact your rankings, traffic, and conversions. Add in the complexity of different website types (e.g. e-commerce, brochure, single page apps), CMS platforms and business domains, and it becomes even clearer.

When we audit a site or map out tasks for the coming quarter, prioritizing impact work should be the foundation.

In addition to properly evaluating the site, to get a complete picture of where a site is, it is important to take stock of the issues raised and consider what the cost of resources will be for both us and the client when advising what to deal with.

SEO projects will always be done within a budget, and it’s essential to be able to stick to it, working as efficiently as possible and prioritizing the right tasks.

In A Nutshell

For example, it’s pointless for developers to commit multiple tickets and campaign hours to work on improving a Core Web Vitals score by a few points if the content can’t be crawled and evaluated by Google first.

In addition to the actual tasks, observing our workflow and using tools to minimize repetitive manual work, such as using scripts to automatically test redirects and status codes, can be very beneficial to project efficiency.

Every conversation with stakeholders and clients is an opportunity to be proactive and address all questions involving digital marketing budgets, SEO and business goals.

Being transparent, sharing potential issues and caveats as market trends change, and consistently connecting your SEO work to business KPIs are key to keeping churn low.

As you have seen from the leading digital marketing agencies and their advice, showing that you are a business partner and maintaining a long-term experience is a winning strategy.

That’s why, at SEOmonitor, we’ve developed a forecasting solution that’s fully integrated with our daily ranking data, search data (search volume, seasonality and year-over-year trends) and a transparent algorithm so you know what it’s doing. your business case is reliable and you can explain it, especially when everything feels certain.

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