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2020 Review: Google Shopping and Amazon’s Competition


Episode Overview:

Join host Ben as he continues 2020 Year in Review week with Searchmetrics’ Director of Services Tyson Stockton and SEO Strategist Jordan Koene to talk about the developments in Google’s Shopping Experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted businesses internationally and the massive shift to ecommerce influenced Google to implement changes. Google made product listing feeds free for its users, eliminating its pay model to assist small businesses through challenging times. However, Tyson believes it’s another method Google is applying to increase its competitive edge against Amazon by boosting its shopping inventory. 

The free PLAs are a stepping stone in efforts to boost their volume of structured data. Product carousel features in the SERPs is one addition that is helping Google achieve that goal. Mobile-optimized carousels where Google controls the experience with different listings are also a part of their strategy. Google’s methods indicate they’re aiming to acquire more data to not only deliver better search experiences in shopping, but to also improve its competitive odds.

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